Happy Sunday

23 01 2011

Bona P, dari Gorontalo
– Mantap, orang SULUT (pe mantan)

Nasi Kuning
Kwe Tiaw
Nasi Lalap

Kopi Susu
Es Jeruk
Lemon Tea
Teh Botol
Coca Cola

Salah Spoken

22 01 2011

Friwel = Farewell (topas)
Pisang Goropa = Pisang Goroho (mia)
Gaco = Password (indos)

Ah-Med -> Ah-Tatelank

Happy New Year 2011

21 01 2011

Almost two years from our last post ~.~

Night Landscape

3 05 2009

Last Saturday Nite (02/03-May-2009) we went to Manado hang out at Black Canyon Coffee in Manado Town Square, on the way back home we took shoot some landsacpe pictures, (without tripod lol)

1. In Tinoor Sub District: Night view of Manado City

Manado View From Tinoor

Manado View From Tinoor

2. Pagoda Tomohon in Kakaskasen District

Pagoda Tomohon

Pagoda Tomohon

3. Late night street view in Tomohon, District of Talete

Tomohon Street at Night

Tomohon Street at Night

Become Your Surround

13 04 2009

Welcome to baround.wordpress.com.


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